Model railways as hobby


To download loc-pictures for the Central Station, click here.

For doing something creative and at the same time learning something useful about elementary electro-techniques, the hobby Model Railways is an excellent start. You learn skills, which give you a base for further development in electronics thanks to the simpleness of the construction of a railroad of this type.

It's joyfull to connect rails, points, crossings and buffers thanks to the simple 'click-system' it isn't difficult for anyone to build a track. Thanks to the robust material, especially the metallic M-rails and the new C-rails with its very realistic design.

The centre conduct is correctly insulated from the mass connection of both rails, preventing short-circuiting and making wrong connections.

The 16 Volt alternating current is unique for Märklin. Each transformator contains an automatic fuse against short-circuiting, which disconnect all current directly from the model railway.

The digitalisation has reached a highlight in the model railways; by computer roll the locs automatically, blow their horns and stand still with the front- and rearlights on. Slowly accelleration speed and brakes are like in the real world  to imitate.

Worldwide exists the 'Märklin Insider Club', which informs all members regurlarly about the newest models and developments. Furthermore the club magazine 'Märklin Insider' and Märklin Insider are published 6 times a year with a variety of information about new locomotives, wagons, signals, points, with new electronics, applications in computer control and extensive possibilities about usage of new tracks and their corresponding technical manuals. Both are in 4 languages : German, French, English and Dutch.

The membership costs € 79,95 yearly. Requests for becoming a member can be sent to:  Märklin Club, Postbus 4141, 4900 CC Oosterhout (The Netherlands). Internetsite: .


In Germany, the home country of Märklin, the magazine 'Märklin Magazin' is published 6 times a year. The subscription for this costs  € 79,95 (membership all included).

Subscription can be requested at: Modelbahnen-Welt Verlags-GmbH, Postfach 940, 73009 Göppingen (D), Postbankkonten 3212-707 Stuttgart (BLZ 60010070). Internetsite: .


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