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The long-haired Scottish Sheepdog, also known as 'collie' , world famous by the filming of "Lassie" , has from origin a very soft nature. It is very attached, faithful, quiet and unaffected. It is an ideal companion, also for kids. Other dogs in general are seen as playmates.

Height: 51 - 61 cm; weight: 18 - 29,5 kg; everage lifetime: 12 years. Coat care: brush gentle regularly.
3 Variations: sable (brown/wite); tri-color (black/white/brown) and bleu merle (black spots/white/brown spots).

This male dog enlighted our family life a lot for 13½ years.

The Samoyed is a polar dog, originating from the ice-cold Siberian-Russian tundras. Mainly used as watch dog and cattle driver for the herds of reindeer, sometimes as a sled-dog and as source of heat for the children in the tents. He is roguish, playful, attached and very high-handed. It is a real group animal: the grouping-order must be clear in the family! For kids it is very kind, as long as the child remains gentle and friendly. Other dogs will not always be treated in a friendly matter.

Height: 53 - 57 cm; weight: 23 - 30 kg; average lifetime: 14 years. Coat care: brush very intensively at least once a week in the direction of the head, starting at the head and work stepwise to the back. The hair can be used to spin wool, which can be used to make sweaters, coats, carpets, etcetera.
A male (Järvi) and female (Ruby) dog enrich the family since December 1990 en March 1993 respectively. Ruby died March 9th 2001. Järvi died peacefully January 15 2004.

April (female)

born on April 1. 2001 

died peacefully  September 12   2014




born on April 4. 2004


alone from Sept 12 2014  till  11-11-2015


after 14 years  7 months and two days of excellent life

died peacefully November 6th 2018

Indy's new boyfriend



Scottish Sheepdog blue merle longhair male


born August 16 2015


He sure feels at home

lots of photos




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