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In the left frame 'Contents' you'll find a number of nice and interesting hobbies with direct links to the original subject. From computer fanatism, homelike sociability, loving dogs, to claiming freedom and happiness for me alone, but also with others.

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Justaguy was a very nice homepage of Robin Notermans (temporary out of order);

My dogs tell something about.. yes you're right, my own dogs; lots of photos

Model Railway (I've restarted to built; pictures will follow) and Motorcycling are also clear;

Nomaro was a very nice homepage of Jeu Notermans (temporary out of order);

The page about (subtropic) aquarium is at this moment still under construction, but 6 pictures are done!

Extensions with new pages with their links are still planned.

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This home-site is made with help of M. Notermans (Nomaro) and R. Notermans.


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